The Sulari are large beings that resemble kangaroos. (Minotaur : Bovine :: Sulari : Kangaroo) The Sulari are semi-nomadic plane shifters. They stay on one plane long enough to build a significant population base, and then send one or more groups to other planes. The Sulari invented the term semi-permanent. They typically inhabit desert/arid terrain, but can be found in small numbers nearly anywhere. The Sulari are masters of survival. They are adapted to the elements, have strong physiques and impressive intellects. The Sulari are master magi, craftsmen, scholars, philosophers, warriors, or some combination, and are adept at carving a living in the most barren locations with the fewest resources.

They are masters of time / space, and have extensive knowledge of planar cosmology, history, geography, mathematics, science, and a wide assortment of other knowledge bases. They possess technology that would be considered the highest achievable technologies for a non-faster-than-light space travel culture. Sulari never share the full extent of their knowledge with outsiders who have not achieved a similar level on their own. (Their primary reason being, that giving / selling knowledge / technology to those who aren’t ready for it will have a disastrous and destabilizing effect on the surrounding people.) Thus, they practice a kind of technological hide-and-seek. When traveling in foreign lands, they only take weapons, tools, armor, and equipment that the locals would recognize. They keep abreast of the highest warfare technology, and modify their appearance to be not much better than that. They are also very careful to prohibit access to certain buildings, facilities, and areas in their cities to foreigners.

The Sulari have long ears that resemble a cross between rabbit and cat ears. They are capable of bending and flexing their ears, and have better hearing than a cat. They are not capable of facial expressions, and they use their ears the same way humanoids use their faces. This makes Sulari emotions difficult to read to those who do not understand their ways.

Sulari hands are somewhat paw-like, and thus lack a great deal of fine dexterity. They usually use Mage Hand and Telekinesis for situations requiring fine motor control.

Sulari fur is always yellow, brown, or occasionally dark red, and becomes grey, silver, or white as he / she ages. Sulari skin and fur are thick and tough, and gain in both as the Sulari ages. The average Sulari life-expectancy is approximately 1000 years, with some individuals achieving honored-elder at 1250 years. Occasionally one might achieve an age of 1500 (venerated) years, but this is exceptionally rare. The Sulari treat their honored-elders with a respect that approaches divinity. Anyone, (Sulari or not,) who treats an honored-elder with blatant, extreme disrespect without an an apology is killed instantly. (Allowances are given for children, or forefingers who are new to the community.)

The typical Sulari adult stands between 12.5 and 14.5 feet tall, and weighs just under ½ ton. There is no significant height or weight difference between Sulari males and females. Sulari have a long non-prehensile tail with which they can gain a bonus attack per round against enemies on either side or to the rear. They may attempt trip attacks against their opponents without the possibility of tripping themselves in a failed attempt. Sulari may use tail weapons as described in the Savage Species rulebook with no penalties. A Sulari may forgo all tail attacks to gain an active defense parry bonus.

The Sulari do not wear clothing, and to not consider nudity to be taboo. They do, however, expect people to control their base instincts and behave civilly when in public. The Sulari consider most humanoid views on nudity to be unenlightened, or silly, stating that the natural form of any species is the right and proper form for that being, and acceptance of that form is critical to that person’s mental well-being. They do recognize the utility of armor in battle, space suits in a vacuum, and some other aspects of “worn” equipment, and will wear armor, vacc suits, etc, when necessary. Sulari allow for the fact that that the “lesser species” (they do not mean this in a derogatory manner) do not have a natural sturdiness against the elements as they do, but they refuse to “socially adapt” when in foreign lands. This attitude can sometimes cause problems, but whenever someone attempts to force the issue, they usually wind up missing at least one major body part, (or five!).

Sulari often seem very flippant, in spite of the fact that the exact opposite is true more often than not. In fact, they are direct and “to-the-point” in every-day dealings. They don’t want to hear questions about how his/her mother is doing, the weather, the price of eggs, or anything else. They usually become cross when a non-Sulari behaves in this manner. The Sulari value economy of words, and quickly become irritated when others do not do not follow the same form.

The Sulari have essentially no tolerance for people asking questions about their religion, or deity. If a non-Sulari comes to a Sulari temple and asks about Sulari religion or the Sulari deity, they are promptly asked to leave. If they do not, they are removed by force, if necessary.

The Sulari language is lyrical and flowing. It contains several sounds that a humanoid can not reproduce. Thus, a humanoid may learn to understand, read, and write Sulari, but will be able to pronounce a little less than half of the words. A humanoid may use magic or technology to modify his/her voice to produce sounds that are extant in the Sulari language. Sulari writing is very block-like, with characters that are very straight and angular in appearance, (akin to old runic alphabets). This is to allow for the lack of fine dexterity in Sulari hands. Humanoid scholars, at first, usually consider Sulari punctuation to be strange, and misplaced, but once they learn the nuances of the Sulari language and culture, usually consider it to be elegant and brilliant.

Sulari can not wear humanoid sized and shaped armor. Sulari armor must be custom made when in humanoid civilizations, in which case it costs five times the base price. Three of this is based on the increased use of basic materials, (this can be mitigated with replication technology, [which the Sulari themselves have!]) and the inherent clumsiness of a humanoid trying to build Sulari armor out of a workshop designed for humanoid armor. One of this is based on the fact that humanoid armor smiths are generally unfamiliar with Sulari anatomy. (Ignore this cost if the manufacturer has studied Sulari anatomy.) Sulari armor which is made and tailored in a Sulari city has normal fabrication costs for normal armor due to high technology.

Sulari politics are straight-forward and simple. The purpose of a government is to act in a manner protecting individual rights. The government’s power is a privilege on loan from the citizens, (and is revocable at any time). The power delegated to it does not and can not override any individual right. The government’s powers are limited to specific actions: Co-ordinate defensive (military) operations; Operate criminal law courts to objectively determine whether or not an accused person has violated another’s rights; Operate police functions for the apprehension of accused rights violators, and the providence of evidence in criminal courts; Operate civil courts to adjudicate honest disputes between citizens involving property and contract. The Sulari have no laws except those which define violations of individual rights, and prescribe the punishment for such violations. Sulari tolerate zero interference of government in private affairs of any kind, be they religious, business, or otherwise. This includes taxation. All government functions are paid for by voluntary contribution, or in the case of a criminal act, the claimant of victimization in the case of an acquittal, or by the criminal in the case of conviction, or in the case of a civil law suit, by the plaintiff, regardless of the outcome. In short, Sulari politics is Libertarian, which implies Lassie-Faire Capitalism.

Sulari foreign policy is also simple. The Sulari engage in tax-free, unregulated, unrestricted, uncontrolled trade with any and all others who will engage in free-trade with them. The Sulari refuse alliances with other planets, nations or groups, either military or economic, (the existence of an economic alliance implies government interference in free-trade and is not tolerated by the Sulari anyway). Ths Sulari will sign mutual non-aggression treaties with almost anyone, and if the Sulari refuse to sign such a treaty with a given group, the Sulari regard the group as being completely and totally without moral correctness, (or possibly morality of any kind), without the possibility of redemption, and without worth in any kind of dealing. The Sulari refuse to start wars with other peoples. They will annihilate any enemy dumb enough to start one with them, (and quite a number of them have tried over the countless millennia).

Total Species Value 438


Inherent Basic Strength + 8 (80)
Inherent Health + 6 (60)
Inherent IQ + 8 (160)
Magery Zero (0)
Acute Hearing + 10 (20)
Parabolic Hearing : 10 (40)
Subsonic Hearing (5)
Ultra Hearing (5)
Extended Lifespan : 4 Levels – Adulthood at 250, Middle-Age at 450, Senior at 1000, Venerable at 1250, Twilight at 1500 (8)
Extra Fatigue + 4 (12)
Inherent Strong Will +3 (15)
Fearlessness + 6 (12)
High Pain Threshold (10)
Hard to Kill + 4 (8)
Extra Hit Points + 2 (4)
Reduced Sleep – One Hour / Night (14)
Camouflage + 8 When in Desert Terrain, +4 When in Dry Grasslands Terrain, -2 When in Frosen / Tundra Unless Wearing Suit / Uniform / Clothing (10)
Enhanced Move + 1 (20)
Super Jump : Four Levels (40)
Lesser Eidetic Memory (10)
Literate – Based on Education : Must Take Unusual Background to be Illiterate (0)
Mathematical Ability : Based on Education (10)
Voice (10)
Perfect Balance (15)
Temperature Tolerance : 5 Levels (5)
Tail (10)
Skill Bonus: Survival – Desert + 2 OR General + 1 (2)
Skill Bonus: All Magic Spells + 4 (20)
Skill Bonus: Thaumatergy +5 (10)
Skill Bonus: Bonuses to Tactics And/Or Strategy Totaling up to +5 (5)
Skill Bonus: Knowledge of Planar / Dimensional Travel / Planar Navigation +5 (5)
Skill Bonus: Diplomacy + 4 if the Recipient is a Warrior-Centric Culture; Also Negates the General Penalty to Diplomacy (5)
Skill Bonus: Intimidate + 8 if the Recipient is Humanoid Sized or Smaller; No Bonus to Skill When Dealing With Larger Species (10)
Skill Bonus: Fast-Talk + 8 if the Target is not Familiar With Sulari Culture, ie. When the Target Can Not “Read” Sulari “Facial Expressions.” (10)
Skill Bonus: Gambling + 8 if the Target is not Familiar With Sulari Culture, ie. When the Target Can Not “Read” Sulari “Facial Expressions,” and When “Reading” One’s Opponents is Significant (10)
Tough Skin and Fur, Damage Resistance 3 (9)
Reputation + 2 General: Strong, Tough, Intelligent, Reliable (10)


Inconvienient Size (-15)
Size Modifier -2 (0)
Skill Penalty: Stealth – 4 (Due to Size); This Penalty is Negated When in Desert Terrain and not Wearing Clothing (-10)
Ham Fisted (-10)
Skill Penalty: Climb – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply to Climbing a Rope, Knotted Rope, or a Ladder (-15)
Skill Penalty: Disguise – 8; This Penalty Applies When Attempting to Disguise One’s Self as any Non-Sulari. (-15)
Skill Penalty: Swimming – 2 (-5)
Skill Penalty: Diplomacy – 8; This Penalty Does not Apply When Attempting Diplomacy With Someone Who is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-20)
Skill Penalty: Singing – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Audience is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Dance – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Audience is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Bard – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Audience is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Poetry – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Audience is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Acting – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Target is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Performance – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Audience is Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Politics – 4; This Penalty Does not Apply When the Voters / Appointers are Familiar With Sulari Culture (-10)
Skill Penalty: Savoir-Faire – 4; This Penalty Applies at All Times! (-20)
Skill Penalty: Detect Lies – 1 (-5)
Skill Penalty: Merchant – 1 (-5)
Species Tendency: Lack of Common Sense – Must Pay Double Price for the Advantage, Common Sense (-5)
Intolerance – Intolerant of Not-Getting-Directly-to-the-Point (-5)
Cultural Non-Assimilation (Opposite of Cultural Adaptability, GURPS Fantasy Folk, P22) [Sulari Refuse to Follow Local Customs, and Don’t Give a Damn Whether or not Anyone Approves!] (-20)
Odious Species Habit – Refusal to Wear Clothing (-10)
Reputation – 2 – Stubborn (-10)
Secret – High-Tech: The Value Depends on the Tech-Level of the Major Species in the World. In High-Tech Worlds, This Isn’t a Secret. On Primitive Worlds, It’s a Huge Secret! (-20)


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