Malko’ii stand between 6’9” and 5’8” tall, somewhat taller and bulkier of build than other elves, with no significant build differences between men and women, yet they are still shorter and more slender than average humans. Malko’ii have stone skin, yet their appearances are as if they were chiseled and buffed like a statue. They have long ears, which gives them excellent hearing. Malko’ii have keen eyes, and can see in the dark.

Malko’ii skin is such that it gives them extreme resilience to most weaponry. They can effectively ignore muscle-powered weapons, pistols, any soft-pointed or hollow-pointed projectiles. At the same time, they suffer no movement penalty, and no special weaknesses versus vibratory weapons or sonic weapons. They do, however, have a tendency to weigh somewhere in the area of ½ ton. Malko’ii unable to walk or stand on structures or surfaces which were not designed or are otherwise incapable of holding their weight, and always sink in sand or snow.

Malko’ii have been infused with the power of Earth. They live in secluded settlements in both forested and mountainous terrain. Malko’ii are easy-going and peaceful.

Malko’ii do not require sleep. As a result, they spend time on some kind of pursuit, be it scholarly, scientific, philosophic, entertaining, or athletic, which is done during the hours which would otherwise be spent sleeping.

Malko’ii generally follow the governments of whatever nation or planet they happen to be on, but will not choose to live in statist nations. They will never allow the installation of statisim in their nations, or allow statisim to hold any political authority over them. Local community government is always in the republican form, is dedicated to the protection of individual rights, and has no other power or purpose.

With the exception of statisim or the disrespect for individual rights, Stone Elves tolerate other cultures, beliefs, and ways of life to an almost, “bend over backwards” extent.

Total Species Value 450


Inherent Basic Strength +8 (Point Cost Based on “Enhanced Strength” GURPS Fantasy Folk) (80)
Inherent Health +4 (40)
Inherent IQ +6 (120)
Inherent Dexterity +2 (40)
Inherent Magical Aptitude – Magery Zero for Free – Levels in Earth Magery cost half (10)
Charisma +3 (15)
Extended Lifespan – 5 Levels – Adulthood at 200, Middle-Age at 500, Senior at 1000, Venerable at 1100, Twilight at 1250 (10)
Doesn’t Sleep - Immune to Magical or Psionic Sleep (20)
Appearance – Attractive (5)
Peripheral Vision (15)
Acute Vision +4 (8)
Dark Vision (25)
No Odor (5)
Acute Hearing +8 (16)
Temperature Tolerance – Level 10 (10)
Skill Bonus: Fast-Talk +2 if the Target is a non-Malko’ii Humanoid (1)
Skill Bonus: Gambling +2 if the Target is a non-Malko’ii Humanoid, and When “Reading” One’s Opponents is Significant (0)
Stone Skin – Ignore all, Except Force Sword, Gauss Weapons, AP Projectiles; Half-Damage From Laser / Blaster – Otherwise, DR 15, VS. Gauss, APP, Laser, Blaster (70)


Inconvenient Weight (-10)
Can not Float (-10)
Pacifism – Non-Initiation of Physical Force – Context Taken Into Consideration – Not Required to Attempt Modification of Other’s Behavior (-5)
Honesty – Must Recognize the Verisimilitude of Reality – Must Honor One’s Word – May not Lie, Except as Deception Within the Context of War, or Within the Context of Resisting Tyranny (-10)
Must have Earth based personality. May not be balanced. (-5)


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