The Four Basic Elemental Personalities

Each personality is in a strength of “Mild,” “Moderate,” or “Strong.” Moderate strength personalities must take at least one of the recommended advantages or disadvantages. Strong personalities must take at least one of each.

In all cases, mild personalities will receive a +1 bonus to reactions from the same element, a -1 reaction penalty from opposing elements, slightly more effect from spells of the same element, and slightly less effect from spells of the opposing element, (regardless of the spell’s source or its intended effect). Moderate personalities have +2 and -2 reaction modifiers as above, and slightly greater and lesser effects from spells as above. Strong personalities have +3 and -3 reaction modifiers, and greater and lesser effects from spells.



Air personalities are Task-Oriented and Extroverted

Air personalities have been described as Honorable, Proud, Polite, Clever, Transcendental, and “Above-it-All.” They can sometimes seem detached when working on a major project or thought. Air personalities make good writers, and can make good field leaders or entertainers if they overcome their weaknesses. Air personalities can sometimes seem arrogant or cagey, and have difficulty making connections with other people.

Advantages : Higher Purpose, Lightning Calculator : 2 Points, Versatile
Disadvantages : Absent Mindedness, Callous, Code of Honor, Short Attention Span, Vow



Fire personalities are People-Oriented and Extroverted

Fire personalities have a tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and do certain types of things impulsively. They are strongly opinionated, and have no trouble giving you that opinion, even if you don’t want to hear it. Fire personalities are active, fast-paced, and hard to keep down. They often rise to the occasion, even when the odds seem bleak. The downside to these people is that they can be easy to provoke, take insults too seriously, and sometimes “go off half-cocked.” They sometimes act before thinking, especially if the act involves saying what’s on his / her mind. This gives them a little bit of difficulty keeping secrets. Fire personalities can sometimes forsake long term planning in favor of a stronger short-run advantage, thus, lacking foresight.

Advantages : Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, Will
Disadvantages : Bad Temper, Berserk, Curious, Easy to Read, Impulsiveness



Earth personalities are Task-Oriented and Introverted

Earth personalities are typically easy-going and laid back, and some would even say, “rock-steady.” Earth personalities rarely worry about things or have unreasonable doubts. In social interactions, Earth personalities usually nonchalant and amiable, being very difficult to upset or imbalance. In adventuring situations, they typically keep their cool, and remain calm. Earth personalities are good at long-term planning, and can make good tacticians and strategists. They can also be rather stubborn, proffering to stick to one method at a time, with little variability or flexibility. They can also be slow-paced, focusing on one task or problem, while missing the “big-picture.”

Advantages : Indomitable, Unfaseable, Single-Minded
Disadvantages : Incurious, Laziness, Obsession



Water personalities are People-Oriented and Introverted

Water personalities are fundamentally diplomatic and emphatic. Their ability to handle people is smooth and flowing, often with great subtlety. Their ability to “see the big picture” makes them hard to fool. The broad, holistic viewpoint also means they lack attention-to-details, and can sometimes lack focus or clarity. Some with Water based personalities have been called, “shallow,” or “superficial,” but never the less have made good careers for themselves in politics and diplomacy. At their worst, Water personalities can be extremely manipulative.

Advantages : Allies, Charisma, Claim to Hospitality, Contact, Cultural Adaptability, Empathy, Favor, Patron, Social Chameleon
Disadvantages : Chummy, Enemy, Sense of Duty, Xenophilia


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