Outrageous Onions Club

The real purpose of this campaign is to to see how well I can run something in GURPS. Since this is my first shot at it, if Martin would like to Co-GM, or moonlight as Co-GM until I become as familiar with the ins and outs of GURPS as I am with D&D, it would be worth an extra 10 character points. Also, as long as Martin is willing to host regularly, it would be worth an additional 10 character points.

It will be a mish-mash of some things taken from some of my other sources, many things that I am transcribing from D&D format into GUPRS format, some things I will create specifically for this purpose, and, I hope, a great deal of content contributed by my players.

One important thing about this campaign, though, is that I have an in game mechanism for juggling characters whose players can not make it to the game for some reason, and still have the story develop in a manner as close to seamless as possible. I didn’t make it up on my own, but I thought it was a good idea when I heard it, and have decided to adapt it to my needs and the needs of this campaign.

I am aiming for a “Final-Fantasy Meets Steampunk” like feeling to this game. I currently have one bad guy with one basic plot ready. I hope that the rest will grow organically.

A theme that will be important in the game will be the heavy influence of the four elements on the nature of the world, the characters, and the story. I named this campaign “Romance of the Four Elements,” as a slight play on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” which is both a long-running video game and a book, which is the equivalent in Chinese culture of “The Iliad,” and “The Odyssey” in western / European cultures. I figured, that since the four elements would play such a large role, the name made sense.

Another important thing is that most places in the world will have an effective tech-level of either 7 or 8, with some places being “primitive,” and having an effective tech-level of somewhere between 3 and 5. I mean effective tech-level because I am including certain aspects and uses of magic to be effectively the same as, (in essence, have the same power and game-effect as,) as a purely technological equivalent. For instance, there will be a variety of airships of different designs and operational paradigms. Some will operate on a massive “bank of propellers,” plus magic, while others will operate as hydrogen dirigibles with crude steam engines for propulsion. You will see early metallic cartridge firearms and early repeating arms used in conjunction with swords and magic wands. Suppressors will not be invented, but magical enchantments to do the same thing will be in use, (especially by the elves, who have sensitive hearing).

Outrageous Onions Club

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