Magery Mechanics

The way magery will work here is a little different. With the exception of magery zero, each level in magery applies to one of the four elements. So, one could have magery 1 with earth, and magery 3 with air. Some spells require the mage to be balanced between the 4 elements, while some others require specialization.

Magery Zero : Extremely common. All skilled technicians, craftsmen, and workmen will have magery zero. You will have a slightly harder time trying to find someone with no magical skills or training than someone who has at least magery zero. Magery zero is the required minimum for using magical wands, most magical devices, and skills like thaumaturgey and reading tarot cards. Magery zero allows the mage to learn and cast a total of 1/2 IQ entry-level spells, (spells that have no prerequisites on a given dependency tree.) Magery zero allows the mage to assist in the preparation and casting of ritual magic. Magery zero is balanced between the four elements. Cost : 5 Character Points

Magery One : Common. Student and apprentice wizards will have magery one in all four elements unless they are specializing in a given element. Extremely skilled techs will have magery one in at least one element, (or possibility of all four if they are really good in comparison to their peers.) This allows the learning and casting of any spell, provided all prerequisites are met. This is the minimum required magery for permanent enchantments, and to construct and / or lead a magical ritual. Cost : 2 Character Points Per Element

Magery Two : Uncommon. This is the level that separates amateurs from professionals. Journeymen mages have magery two in all elements, unless they are specializing in a given element. Most of your stock “adventurer spells” will require magery two. Most of the spells out of the GUPRS 4th edition player’s guide will require no more than magery two for any given spell. Cost : 4 Character Points Per Element

Magery Three : Rare. This is Lina Inverse, or Dragon Slave level magic. Most mages will only have magery three if they specialize. Balanced mages with magery three are usually the top ten in a given nation, and usually also the deans of mage academies, the heads of local mage guilds, or elite mercenaries or adventurers. Merkator, a nation of about 5 million has about 250 total people who have balanced magic at magery three. Could cause great damage even if used correctly in the most conservative manner possible. Could destroy a nation if miscast and / or misused. Cost : 8 Character Points Per Element; An explanation of how the character learned the spells which require it as a prerequisite.

Magery Four : Lost / Forgotten / Insanely Difficult. This magic is by definition world-ender, world-maker, god-killer, god-maker powerful. In order to gain magery four in any given element, one must travel to the appropriate elemental lighthouse, defeat all challenges there, and perform a ritual at the top, (which is the world nexus for that element.) Few ever dare to challenge any given lighthouse; fewer survive; fewer still succeed; of those, most are card-carrying specialists. Cost : 16 Character Points Per Element; Unusual Background, explaining everything required for magery three, and how the character happened to make it to, and defeat the challenges inside the lighthouse.

Magery Mechanics

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