Errata, Advantages and Disadvantages


360 Degree Vision – Only available via magical spells or a Cloak or Robe of Eyes. Defence penalties from being attacked from behind or the sides still count, but are reduced to only -1.

Absolute Direction – The 10 point version is forbidden unless an unusual background is taken. Unless you are a Minotaur, it must be explained anyway.

Absolute Timing – Impossible without magic. Requires Unusual Background, (RUB).

Acute Senses – Humans may take no more than 2 levels of any given sense without magic. In that case, RUB.

Affliction – RUB and magic.

Allies – Require Explanation. Familiars require the mage have Magery 2 and GM approval.

Altered Time Rate – RUB and magic.

Alternate Identity – In this setting, irrelevant. You are who you say you are unless proven otherwise. Forbidden.

Amphibious – RUB and magic.

Arm DX – RUB and magic.

Arm ST – RUB and magic.

Binding – RUB and magic.

Blessed – May RUB. Will always Require GM Approval, (RGMA).

Brachiator – RUB and magic.

Breath-Holding – RUB and magic.

Catfall – RUB and magic.

Chameleon – RUB and magic.

Channelling – This advantage is better named, “Speak With Spirits” in this setting. Does not require a trance. You can simply speak to spirits as if having a normal conversation. Requires Magery zero.

Claim to Hospitiality – Requires explanation.

Clairsentience – This is an advanced magical technique only taught at mage academies or by maverick genius-mages. Requires explanation and Magery 2.

Claws – RUB and magic.

Clerical Investment – RGMA.

Clinging – RUB and magic.

Compartmentalized Mind – RUB and magic.

Constriction Attack – RUB and magic.

Contact Group – Requires explanation.

Contact – Requires explanation.

Cultural Adaptability – Limited to the 10 point version. This requires that your character be “well traveled.” Include details of places you have been to in your character’s background.

Cybernetics – Limited to Sulari. Gives that Sulari a “Secret” disadvantage.

Damage Resistance – RUB and magic.

Danger Sense – RUB and magic.

Daredevil – Forbidden.

Dark Vision – RUB and magic.

Destiny – Forbidden.

Detect – RUB and magic.

Digital Mind – Sulari only. RUB and Cybernetics.

Discriminatory Hearing – RUB and magic.

Discriminatory Smell – RUB and magic.

Discriminatory Taste – RUB and magic.

Doesn’t Breathe – RUB and magic.

Doesn’t Eat or Drink – RUB and magic.

Doesn’t Sleep – RUB and magic.

Dominance – RUB and magic. In Merkator, this would also qualify as a “Secret,” since such an ability is looked down upon by the populace. If this secret is discovered, expect a rifle and magic toting mob to kill you or excise you from Merkator.

Duplication – RUB and magic.

Eidetic Memory – In addition to functioning as the book describes, Eidetic Memory functions as follows: Low-level eidetic memory costs 10 points and allows IQ-based skills to be purchased as if they were one difficulty-level easier in addition to what the book describes. (This includes spells!) Photographic Memory costs 25 points and works as above, except that IQ-based skills which the book originally listed as “Easy,” (NOT skills that are treated as “Easy” by virtue of eidetic memory,) can be purchased at half price, (making additional levels beyond IQ + 5 cost 2 points per level.)

Elastic Skin – RUB and magic.

Enhanced Defenses – RUB, magic, and military experience.

Enhanced Move – RUB and magic.

Enhanced Time Sense – RUB and magic.

Enhanced Tracking – Forbidden, unless you are wearing a Cloak or Robe of Eyes.

Extended Lifesapn – RUB and magic.

Extra Arms – RUB and magic.

Extra Attack – For melee weapons, this costs 30 points, and humans are limited to taking it no more than once. For repeating firearms, this counts as extra training in reliable and accurate speed shooting. This doubles a weapon’s rate of fire but imposes a -2 penalty to-hit. Costs 15 points. Each version must be taken separately.

Extra Head – RUB and magic.

Extra Legs – RUB and magic.

Extra Mouth – RUB and magic.

Favor – Requires explanation.

Filter Lungs – RUB and magic.

Fit – Requires HT of at least 10. Very Fit requires HT of at lest 14.

Flexibility – RUB and magic.

Flight – RUB and magic.

Gadgeteer – Limited to the 25 point version. Requires sufficient training (IQ + 2) in the Engineering skill and Mathematics skill. Also requires at least Magery 1 and the Wierd Science advantage.

G-Experience – Forbidden. Not relevant to this campaign setting.

Gismos – Forbidden as an advantage unless you have the Gadgeteer advantage, in which case you are limited to only one of Gismos type 2. Standard Adventuring Gear gives you type 2 and 3 Gismos, but is an item, and is paid for out of character wealth.

Growth – RUB and magic.

Gunslinger – Forbidden unless you have found some way to magically alter the laws of probability, which would itself RUB. For the most part, Fobidden, period.

Hard to Kill – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Hard to Subdue – Requires HT and ST both of at least 14.

Healing – RUB and magic.

Hermaphramorph – RUB and magic.

High Manual Dexterity – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Higher Purpose – Requires Explanation.

Hyperspectral Vision – RUB and magic.

Illuminated – Forbidden. Not relevant in setting.

Improved G-Tolerance – Forbidden.

Infravision – RUB and magic.

Injury Tolerance – RUB and magic.

Innate Attack – RUB and magic.

Insubstantiality – RUB and magic.

Intuition – Requires water-based personality.

Invisibility – RUB and magic.

Jumper – RUB and magic. This is closely-guarded arcane secret and requires Balanced Magery 3 along with unusual background.

Language Talent – Requires IQ 12

Legal Enforcement Powers. Requires Explanation for 5 points. Above 5 points is forbidden.

Legal Immunity – Forbidden while in Merkator. Other nations may be different.

Lifting ST – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Lightning Calculator – Limited to 2 point version.

Luck – Forbidden.

Magery – Explained separately.

Medium – Treated as Channeling above. Called, “Speak With Spirits.” They are the same thing and have the same costs and requirements.

Metabolisim Control – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Microscopic Vision – RUB and magic.

Mimicry – Requires IQ 12, Voice, and sufficient vocal training, (Singing at IQ + 2).

Mind Control – RUB and magic. People in Merkator do not tolerate this kind of thing. Must take a “Secret” disadvantage with the same consequences for revelation as if under Dominance above.

Mind Probe – Impossible. Forbidden.

Mind Reading – RUB and magic. Same qualifications as Mind Control.

Mind Shield – RUB and magic.

Mindlink – RUB and magic.

Modular Abilities – Forbidden.

Neutralize – Forbidden. There is no psionics in this campaign setting.

Nicitating Membrane – RUB and magic.

Night Vision – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Obscure – RUB and magic.

Oracle – RUB and magic.

Parabolic Hearing – RUB and magic.

Patrons – Requires explanation.

Payload – RUB and magic.

Penetrating Vision – RUB and magic.

Perfect Balance – Requires DX 16 or better.

Peripheral Vision – Requires PE of 16 or better.

Permeation – RUB and magic.

Possession – RUB and magic. Same qualifications as Mind Control.

Power Investiture – RGMA.

Precognition – This is a magical skill. Requires Magery zero and IQ 10 or better.

Pressure Support – RUB and magic.

Protected Sense – RUB and magic.

Psi Static – Forbidden. No psionics in this setting.

Psychometry – This is a magical skill. Requires Balanced Magery 2. It works by consulting the sands of time for a person, place, or thing. It does not give, “impressions.” It give accurate information as if you had watched a documentary film. It’s limited in time (IQ roll is limited to -2) to a person, place, or thing’s recent history, with “recent” being dependant on how the reader perceives time. Readers who have longer lifespans and take life more slowly than humans can necessarily look further back.

Puppet – RUB and magic. Limited to 5 points only, and non-sentient entities only. Doing this to a sentient being is treated as if under Mind Control explained above, and has all the same requirements and implications.

Racial Memory – Forbidden. There is no such thing.

Radiation Tolerance – RUB and magic.

Rapier Wit – Forbidden. Does not fit the theme.

Reawakened – RUB

Recovery – Requires HT 12 or better.

Reduced Consumption – Humans are limited to 1 level of this without magic and unusual background.

Regeneration – RUB and magic.

Regrowth – RUB and magic.

Resistant – RUB and magic.

Scanning Sense – RUB and magic.

Sealed – RUB and magic.

Security Clearance – Limited to 5 and 10 point levels. Always requires need to know. Requires extensive explanation. Merkator doesn’t have a system of classifying information, but does separate state secrets from things they want other governments and / or the general public to know. Clearance does not equal need to know!

Sensitive Touch – RUB.

Serendipity – Forbidden.

Shadow Form – RUB and magic.

Shapeshifting – RUB and magic.

Shrinking – RUB and magic.

Silence – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Slippery – RUB and magic.

Snatcher – This is a magical skill. Requires Balanced Magery 1. Limited to things, not information. (A book, can contain information, though. You could also conceivably snatch a laptop computer, but you would have no way of knowing how to use it.)

Social Regard – Requires explanation.

Speak Underwater – RUB and magic.

Speak With Animals – RUB and magic.

Speak with Plants – Forbidden. Plants are not sentient, and can not hold a conversation.

Special Rapport – Requires magic and explanation.

Spines – RUB and magic.

Spirit Empathy – This is a result of magical training. Requires Balanced Magery 2.

Stretching – RUB and magic.

Striker – RUB and magic.

Striking ST – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Subsonic Hearing – RUB and magic.

Subsonic Speech – RUB and magic.

Super Climbing – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Super Jump – RUB and magic.

Super Luck – Forbidden.

Supernatural Durability – Forbidden.

Teeth – RUB and magic.

Telecommunication – RUB and magic.

Telekinesis – RUB and magic.

Telescopic Vision – RUB and magic.

Temperature Control – RUB and magic.

Temperature Tolerance – Humans are limited to 2 levels of this without magic and unusual background.

Temporal Inertia – RUB and magic.

Terrain Adaptation – Humans are limited to the zero point version, and can only take this advantage for a number of terrains equal to IQ / 4.

Terror – RUB and magic.

Trained by a Master – Forbidden. “Cinematic” martial-arts don’t apply in this campaign.

True Faith – RUB.

Tunneling – RUB and magic.

Ultrahearing – RUB and magic.

Ultrasonic Speech – RUB and magic.

Ultravision – RUB and magic.

Unaging – RUB and magic.

Universal Digestion – RUB and magic.

Unkillable – RUB and magic.

Vacuum Support – Forbidden.

Vampiric Bite – RUB and magic.

Versatile – Requires IQ 14 or better.

Vibration Sense – RUB and magic.

Visualization – RUB and magic.

Walk on AIr – RUB and magic.

Walk on Liquid – RUB and magic.

Warp – RUB and magic.

Weapon Master – Limited to the 30 point version or less. Requires a background with an extensive amount of fighting.

Wild Tallent – Forbidden.

Zeroed – Forbidden. Not relevant in this campaign.



Errata, Advantages and Disadvantages

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