Character Layout Monkey

This is how your character should be set up in OP


Character Layout Monkey, (It’s the Character’s Name!) It uses “Heading 1.”

[Total Character Points Spent] / [Number of Points Earned] It uses “Heading 2.”

Explain briefly the most recent point expenditure. It uses “Heading 3.”
Skip a line. After that comes basic stats in table form.

Attribute Name Value Cost
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 12 40
IQ 12 40
Health 8 -20

Advantages and Disadvantages should be put together on a single table.
Type “pipe” characters (Shift > Backslash, “\”) to separate columns.
Separate rows by skipping to the next line. You can do that by hitting the “enter” key.
After this line is an example of exactly how the table should look, staring at the top.

Advantage or Disadvantage Effect or Effects Cost
Unfazeable Immune to fear, natural, supernatural, magical or otherwise. Not shocked, amazed, wierded-out, worried or embarrassed by anything, so long as it is not directly hostile to either the character or allies. 15
R’aff-a’a Randomly transforms the character and all possessions into an indestructible ball of light. Always triggers as the result of botching a magical spell, and sometimes triggers during other chaotic events. -20
Magery – 3 Capable of casting “Dragon Slave” level magic. 35
Social Stigma: Chimpanzee You’re a chimp. Even though you’re an exceptional one, people don’t take you seriously at a job interview! -4 to reaction. -20

Quirk Name Effect or Effects
Face-Planter Never lands on feet when jumping or falling. Usually lands of face, belly, back, or butt. This is for comedic effect, and never actually harms the character.

Lines between tables are created by typing a series of dashes. Next comes skills. Spells should be treated as skills, but are listed last.

Skill Name Value Cost
Driving: Miss Daisy DX-2 = (10) 1
Guns: Water Pistol DX-1 + 1[IQ Bonus] = (12) 1
Sword DX = (12) 2
Summon Earth Elemental IQ (12) 4

Equipment Function
Toy Sword The Character Layout Monkey uses this to torment the other monkeys.
Water Pistol No Damage. It does make things wet with a successful hit, though.
Chef’s Salad Lunch

Physical Description: Character Layout Monkey

The Character Layout Monkey is a bit shorter than the other chimps at the institute, standing about 3’3". He has black fur, and can sometimes be seen wearing a business suit.

Quotable Quotes: Character Layout Monkey

“Anything your character is likely to say, or has, in the course of game play said on at least one occasion, or is otherwise noted as a character’s ‘catch phrase,’ or ‘signature phrase,’ is known as a quote, ans should be placed in the quotes section between quotation marks.”



The Character Layout Monkey was originally born in the world of Monster Hunter International, as a means of showing the players how to set up their character sheets in Obsidian Portal. The early times were hard, as the players in that particular game were just getting used to OP.

The Character Layout Monkey has sense changed his image a bit, and migrated over to Romance of the Four Elements. He does the same job, but now obtained something like a sense of humor, (at least as far as a chimpanzee can get with that!)

Character Layout Monkey

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