Setting Details, Continent

The largest and most prosperous human kingdom on the continent of Terranis is known as Merkator. It is a constitutional monarchy. It is located west of the continent’s center. Merkator is a hub of trade, airship travel, magical and scholarly pursuits, art, music, and drama, as well as the occasional thief, assassin, general cutthroat, and a multitude of adventurers and other risk-takers, all eager to make names for themselves and possibly strike it rich.

To the south, lies the great forest of T’Grinn, which is the home of two of the seven major elf tribes, and the surly but steadfast dwarves of the Square Teapot Clan. Beyond it is the source of the river I’Taiya, which stretches most of the length of Terranis on its western side. The I’Taiya is navigable for most of its length, and serves as an easy and cheap means for transportation for most of the area.

To the east, lies the great expanse of Terranis. It’s mostly farmland, dotted with the occasional village or town until you get to the famous mountain ranges known as the Terra-Magna. The Terra-Magna mountains surround, protect, and support the elemental lighthouse of Earth. A curious thing about the lighthouse is that a magnetic compass always points towards the Earth lighthouse, and not the north pole.

To the north lies the human kingdom of Gal-Vayra. It’s not as prosperous as Merkator, but has a strong alliance and many years of pace with the coastal elven kingdoms further north.

To the west is the Sarfi Ocean, and many a port-town or fishing village.

Setting Details, Continent

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