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GM contact info: Email blackfedora81@gmail.com, Cell Phone 210-393-1342

How to get to Drew’s apartment:

1. First, go to Loop 410 North, (the northern most 1/4 of Loop 410. Valid travel directions are either East or West.) Get off of Loop 410, exiting to San Pedro.
2. Go outside the loop, towards 281. (The Pyramid building will be on the left.) Stay on San Pedro until you get to Ramsey. Ramsey will be the next-to last light before hitting 281. There will be a Jim’s restaurant on the right side. Turn right onto Ramsey.
3. Go down Ramsey approximately 3/4 of a block. You will go over a drainage ditch. Turn left after the drainage ditch. If you get to the cocktail place on the left, or Isom, you’ve missed the turn.
4. Drive SLOWLY down the residential street, since most of the neighbours do not pay attention to either other traffic, or the dumb children playing in the street. (We wouldn’t want to run one of them over and do the gene pool a favour, now would we???)
5. My apartment building is number 22. It will be on the left. 2202 is on the leftmost side of the building, and on the lowest level.

Pronunciation guide

Outrageous Onions Club

Pizza Toppings: There is a general concuss amongst the group that the pizza that most if not all the group can agree on is pepperoni.

The GM in particular happens to like pepperoni and / or Canadian bacon. Onions are acceptable if someone else REALLY wants them. As much as the GM likes mushrooms, they don’t belong on pizza. Sausage is right-out, but that’s the GM’s preference; your mileage may vary.

Other Stuff

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