Character Requirements

Characters will start with a value of 400 points.

Each character will have the R’aff-a’a, which will count as a 20 point disadvantage.

All characters are assumed to have the Common Sense advantage if their IQ is at least 10. In this case, the advantage is for free. NOT having common sense is a 10 point disadvantage for any character with an IQ over 10. If the character’s IQ is under 10, common sense is a 10 point advantage, and not having it costs nothing. Any player whose character does not have common sense will not be reminded by the GM, or any player that a given action might have negative consequences. Of course, a reminder might take place in character, if the characters in question are likely or inclined to do so.

Playable races are limited to the allegedly intelligent species.

As with my other campaigns, the party characters need to start off knowing each other, although they don’t need to have known each other for very long, and the choice of how this comes about is entirely up to the players.

Each player needs to have at least some kind of idea for a basic background. Each character needs at least one major reason to be out adventuring.

All characters need to be placed in Obsidian Portal, and must be in the format outlined by the Character Layout Monkey.

Each character needs for his / her self some kind of sense of what’s morally right or wrong and why, even if it’s as simple as, “Don’t do bad stuff to people.” This does not necessarily require any GUPRS disadvantages, but if the character is serious about his / her convictions, this is a good way to get a few.

The rules of magic for this setting are different from standard GURPS, and players who want to play characters with magery over zero need to speak with me before building such a character. Spells will also have various errata placed upon them, and I will handle them a little differently than the standard.

Regardless of whether or not a character is a mage, the character needs either a preferred, (or “strong”) element, or balance. Consider this to be a quirk representing the character’s personality. This will influence how certain magical spells relate to, modify, or effect the character. For instance, if a character has a mild Earth based personality, Air elementals will react at -1, Air based spells will have slightly less effect, Earth based spells will have slightly more effect, and Earth elementals will react at +1. (Other things in this vein are also likely to effect the game and the characters.)

Character Requirements

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