Romance of the Four Elements


These, the four basic elements of a force known as magic, permeate the natural world, enhancing it with its raw, beautiful, insatiable power. Each element combining with the others, sometimes conflicting, sometimes harmonizing, is each a wonder to behold and experience. They are many things to many people, but never the less, in all things, and in all ways, a double-edged sword.

The elements of magic have influenced all lives and places in AEon. Sometimes the influence is subtle, lending only the slightest tint of colour to already vibrant things. Sometimes the power is put into a gentle cyclic flux, with each element taking a place of balance among its siblings. Sometimes the elements are of such power that they dominate the minds and destinies of the mentally weak, the insane, or those wilfully choose to walk an unbalanced path.

These influences, past, present, and future are indeed, quite the rub!

As always, if you have any ideas, I would like to hear them, and if I think they are any good I may have to steal borrow them. If you have any questions, email them to me and I will make fun of you answer them and post said answers on Obsidian Portal for all to read.

Recruitment is currently open. The GM will eventually have consistency in his work schedule concerning which days or nights he has off. The game is presently inactive, and will begin as soon as the GM gets some kind of work schedule consistency. As such, if you are in the San Antonio area and would like to play, drop me a line to

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Romance of the Four Elements

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